Embrace the storm.
The wind is rising. We must live. Fearless. It’s time to move forward. Dark has been the path; the gale, cold and furious. But nothing will stop us from being what we are. We have much more strength than we think. And it can be awoken in an instant, whenever we need it.
Having fun is a serious matter.
The only certainty we have: music will start again. Suit up. Go out. We will survive. We just want to have fun. A night to remember, we’ll soon forget. Fun is our fuel, night is our stage. We already know all the demons. Every pain, every shame… we’ll kiss it. When we feel tired, we breathe. When we feel incomplete, we fight. When we feel excited, we go out. We can be beaten, but never defeated.
We are made of music.
Club walls are screaming. The dance floor is waiting. Music is somewhere playing. Songs can heal wounds. Music is our emotional first aid. When the beat hits you, you feel no pain. We couldn’t exist without it. It’s our force and our soul. We don’t mind being locked in, as long as it’s with the right people in the right place. And, of course, the right dj.
We are dual.
We are karma, karma, chameleons. Red, gold, and green, red, gold, and green. Unconscious yet sustainable. Complementary opposites. We live as many lives as we can. We can stay up all night. Dancing or working. We are the festival. The opening and the closing. You can find us performing, or at the Backstage. We listen but we also like to play. We love following and being followed. We may look wasteful, but we are everlasting.
We are fallen angels.
Naive. Vulnerable. Made to wonder. Ready to have fun. For us, every day is a ceremony. Every night, a ritual. Every party, a communion. We share the joy of relationship. For the love of party and congregation. We, the angels, must prevail.
We do the magic.
We like playing with fire. We walk with the feet on the grass but the head in the clouds. We love living in the moment. That’s why we create memorable moments… for those who know that every weekend a dj could save your life. We are energy waiting to be transformed. We love experiences, and we are experienced. We love adrenaline, pumped up to the max.
In our neighbours we trust.
We work with locals. We care about our people. But we smile at strangers. Our clients are our friends. And our friends are f****** fun. But we love meeting exciting new friends every day. Yes, we collaborate. Cause we love sharing the fun of creating.
We only live once.
If you woke up, that’s a reason to celebrate. We are pleasure activists. We learn by doing. By acting. And we keep learning to get over. Nothing you can wear or listen will ever make you better. But it will make you stronger. That’s beyond price. We believe in the storm because we love catching waves. Fail we may, but sail we must!